The influence on the body by continuing smoking and its causes.



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In this page, we gathered the influence on the body by smoking.

You can click on the image of each organs and see the diseases and the condition which are related with them.



                    Nicotine addiction


If you think “I want to stop smoking, but I can’t.”,

you may be affected by this symptom.

When you smoke, one of the substances

that cigarettes contain, nicotine, go to your brain and release dopamine which makes people feeling happiness.


Therefore, the smokers could feel happiness when they smoke.

But the effect maintained only for about 30 minutes.

After that, the pleasure turns into frustration and restlessness, and you will want to smoke again

to eliminate it and feel happiness again.

 This repetition means, that you are addicted by nicotine.



Digestive organ


Respiratory organ

Circulatory organ


Respiratory organ・Circulatory organ

Bronchial asthma


Asthma is caused by bronchial inflammation due to allergies.

The persistent cough worsened at night and in the morning, and it hinders daily life.

Also, it is said when people who have asthma has smoked, bronchial inflammation will be exacerbated.

However, it is said that asthma symptoms and persistent cough are halved merely by quitting smoking.




Spontaneous pneumothorax


This symptom doesn’t that harmful to your life,

but it is a disease that requires treatment.

When the lung tissue is broken by smoking, there is a hole in the place where the pleura is broken, it becomes this disease.




Lung cancer


Even among lung cancer, lung squamous cell carcinoma is considered to be most related to smoking. For example, cough, chest pain, and breathing difficulties may appear, but there are no particular symptoms peculiar to lung cancer, so cancer that is said to be difficult to detect cancer early.




Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

The inside of the lungs will be destroyed, the bronchi will narrow and it will be difficult to breathe out. In many cases, cough and sputum are progressive diseases that last long.

If a person who have asthma smokes, it is considered to occur COPD with high probability.



Stomach cancer


It is cancer that many Japanese have.

People who are liable to stomach cancer are considered to be infected with Helicobacter pylori, but it is thought that people who smoke are also liable to suffer.




Stomach ulcer


Stomach acid secreted from the stomach and defenses for defending the stomach are out of balance so that stomach walls are damaged, and it is causing abdominal pain or bleeding. Smoking has an adverse effect such as increasing secretion of gastric acid and increasing the attacking factor to the stomach wall.




Duodenal ulcer


Due to smoking, symptoms similar to stomach ulcers occur in the duodenum. Because the wall of the duodenum is thin, it is easy to progress deeply. Symptoms such as the blood vessel breaking out and the hole becoming easy to open appear.

Compared to stomach ulcers, it is said that it is more likely to develop in young people.




Pancreatic cancer


Because it is highly malignant cancer, it is considerated the poorest prognostic among gastrointestinal cancer.

Men tend to be slightly more common in men over the age of 60. Although the cause is unknown, the relationship with smoking has been reported.

Digestive organ



An artery is blood vessel that sends blood from the heart to every corner of the body, and it repeats expansion and contraction according to blood flow.

Arteriosclerosis is a disease in which this blood vessel narrows or hardens due to something, which means that blood does not reach the part where it is needed, and suddenly its flow may cease.  If it occurs in the artery of the brain, it leads to an episode of cerebral infarction.

By virtue of the carbon monoxide contained in tobacco, the blood vessel wall is damaged, so smokers are more likely to suffer from this disease.





Angina pectoris


When blood vessels supplying blood to myocardium called coronary artery becomes narrow, myocardial blood will run short. This disease is a seizure in which a pain that causes the chest to be tightened tightly by it.

It is thought that tobacco smoke causes blood vessels to contract and causes this disease.




Rough skin


Smoking increases active oxygen, which causes skin roughness and causes skin aging such as facial stains and wrinkles.

Also, if oxygen necessary for skin cells does not reach due to vasoconstriction due to smoking, skin metabolism also decreases.




Blood vessel

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There are many other things that can be thought of as a bad influence

 on the human body by tobacco than those shown here.



Even though you know that you should not smoke.

At that moment, smoking for smokers may be more important than their own health.

In terms of the health of the smokers themselves, we think that it is self-responsibility not to smoke or to smoke.

Therefore, we can not give any opinion on the health of smokers.



However, smokers think that you should firmly recognize the negative impact of tobacco

on the health of the surrounding people.

Tobacco smoke indirectly makes non smokers sicker (For more information please refer to secondhand smoke).

We think that smokers should smoke in a way that does not cause

health hazards to non smokers, well knowing that.

If such efforts are continued, non smoker’s image of smoking will change little by little,

and will not they approach society where people can coexist with tobacco?

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