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First, we searched bases about cigarettes

before discussing them.




There are two types of cigarettes that do not "burn" and "smoke their smoke.

"Cigarette is generally a cigarette, which is included in the former.

It also includes cigar cigarettes and chopped cigarettes.

The other contains chewing and sniffing cigarettes.


In the 21st century, Heat-operated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are becoming popular.





Cigarettes are now widely used as a favorite food, but used to be used for

 medicinal purposes and religious events.


Cigarettes originated in the Andes mountains began to be used in the Americas in the 7th century

and spread to Europe in the 15th century when Columbus discovered the Americas.

It is also believed that it was introduced to Asia and Africa, including Japan, in the 16th century.


Since around 1970, cigarettes use began to decline in developed countries,

with the start of the anti-smoking movement.


Situation of cigarettes

Situation of cigarettes


 (1)Foreign countries

Many countries, such as Britain, the United States and Brazil, take

strict measures against cigarettes and smoking.


In terms of price, foreign cigarettes tend to be more expensive than in Japan.

Prices have gone up in Japan, but each box costs about 500 yen, while

each box costs about 1,500 yen in Britain and the U.S.

It costs about 800 yen in Hong Kong and 1,000 yen in Singapore, even in Asian countries like Japan.

The most expensive item is Australia, which costs about 2,000 yen.

It has been raised by the government's tax on cigarettes.

On the other hand, there are countries such as China, India and the Philippines, where

cigarettes prices are lower than in Japan.


Foreign cigarettes advertisings also emphasize cigarette harms, such as "Smoking kills you" ,

and cigarette packs include images of rotten legs and tongue cancer in a mouth.




In Japan, various measures against cigarettes are being taken toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. However, smoking measures have so far lagged behind other countries.

It is also true that the introduction of taspo and regulations against cigarettes have been enacted, but as cigarette butts are still found on the streets, many problems remain for Japan.

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