We thought about a society where both smokers and non-smoker can live comfortably by making this website.



We learned that health damage from cigarettes was terrible and

we were surprised about the cost of cigarettes is much higher than tax revenue from cigarettes.

For these reasons, you might think getting rid of them is good in terms of health and economies. However, it is true that some people need them to be at ease in their daily lives.

So, we don’t think getting rid of them is the best solution.



The most serious problem from cigarettes is secondhand smoke and we can’t overlook it.

The separation of smoking areas is currently spreading

but we think that health damage from secondhand smoke won’t vanish by the present

and we suggest that adjusting the work hours is most effective.



In addition, there are many countries that have enough regulations

and policies to reduce health damage from cigarettes.

Japan should think about and discuss cigarettes more seriously whether they smoke or not

because the Olympic Games are coming up in Tokyo.


We’re happy if this website helps you become interested in cigarettes.

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